Nevada ADRC Web Based Nacculator

Web Based Nacculator

Converts a CSV data file exported from REDCap into the NACC's UDS3 fixed-width format.
NOTE: PID cannot exceed 10 characters.
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What does the Replace Drug ID do?

This filter replaces the first character of non empty fields of columns drugid_1 to drugid_50 with character "d".

drugid_1 = 1123231 before conversion
drugid_1 = d123231 After conversion


What does the Filter Fields do?

This filter fixes spelling errors in REDCap fieldnames. For example, in your REDCap export, a field like “othneur” might be spelled “otherneur”, which causes errors with NACCulator. This filter ONLY updates the spelling of the csv column headers; it does not alter any data.

Filter Format: InputColumnName: FixedColumnName

For example, the configuration would look like this:

                    c1s_2a_npsylan: c1s_2_npsycloc
                    c1s_2a_npsylanx: c1s_2a_npsylan
                    b6s_2a1_npsylanx: c1s_2a1_npsylanx
                    fu_otherneur: fu_othneur
                    fu_otherneurx: fu_othneurxs
                    fu_strokedec: fu_strokdec
                    fukid9agd: fu_kid9agd
                    fusib17pdx: fu_sib17pdx

You can use the default configuration or you can upload your own custom filter.txt file.

(Click to Download Example Template for filter.txt)

Note: The filter file must be a simple text file and maintain the .txt extension.

Filter.TXT File
Redcap Export File
Conversion scripting created by integrating code from the NACCulator tool located at and sponsored by the 1Florida ADRC and the National Institute on Aging.
1Florida ADRC
Nevada ADRC - Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
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